Flatpak version

Files location

~/.var/app/net.ankiweb.Anki/data/Anki2/User 1/


Due now or later

deck:Chinois::Overdue prop:due>=0

Buried cards

deck:Chinois::Overdue is:buried

Some tag

deck:Chinois::Vocabulaire tag:leech

Specific field

deck:Chinois::Vocabulaire Hanzi:但是

Combine search tokens

deck:Chinois::Overdue prop:due>=0 OR deck:Chinois::Overdue is:buried


Filed Replacements


The 'id=answer' part tells Anki where the divider is between the question and the answer. This allows Anki to automatically scroll to the spot where the answer starts when you press 'show answer' on a long card (especially useful on mobile devices with small screens). If you don’t want a horizontal line at the beginning of the answer, you can use another HTML element such as a paragraph or div instead.


Go to the field, edit HTML, and enter:
<del> .... text .... </del>

Hide shit

Add into styling of the cards:

.V {opacity:0 ;  line-height:0 ;}
.V:hover {opacity:1 ; line-height:inherit ;}

And surround what you want to hide and show when hovering:

<div class="V">whatever</div>
<span class="V">whatever</span>
<span class="V">

Strikethrough tag in HTML