Bareos Web Interface

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Configure updating the Bvfs cache frequently

The restore module in the Bareos WebUI makes use of the Bvfs API and for example the .bvfs_update command to generate or update the Bvfs cache for jobs that are not already in the cache.

In case of larger backup jobs with lots of files that are not already in the cache, this could lead to timeouts while trying to load the filetree in the Bareos WebUI. That is why we highly recommend to update the Bvfs cache frequently.

This can be accomplished by the Run Script directive of a Job Resource.

The following code snippet is an example how to run the cache update process in a RunScript after the catalog backup.

Job {
  Name = "BackupCatalog"
  Level = Full
  Fileset = "Catalog"
  Schedule = "WeeklyCycleAfterBackup"
  JobDefs = "DefaultJob"
  WriteBootstrap = "|/usr/sbin/bsmtp -h localhost -f "(Bareos) " -s "Bootstrap for Job %j" root@localhost"
  Priority = 100
  run before job = "/usr/lib/bareos/scripts/ MyCatalog"
  run after job = "/usr/lib/bareos/scripts/delete_catalog_backup"
  Run Script {
    Console = ".bvfs_update"
    RunsWhen = After
    RunsOnClient = No