There are two Docker daemons running in RancherOS. The first is called System Docker, which is where RancherOS runs system services like ntpd and syslog. You can use the system-docker command to control the System Docker daemon.

The other Docker daemon running on the system is Docker, which can be accessed by using the normal docker command.

sudo system-docker ps
docker ps


The configuration file is: /var/lib/rancher/conf/cloud-config.yml


$ sudo ros config set rancher.network.interfaces.eth1.address
$ sudo ros config set rancher.network.interfaces.eth1.gateway
$ sudo ros config set rancher.network.interfaces.eth1.mtu 1500
$ sudo ros config set rancher.network.interfaces.eth1.dhcp false
sudo ros config get rancher.network.dns.nameservers
sudo ros config set rancher.network.dns.nameservers "['','']"




Runs several containers that run different aspects of the system

rancher@rancher:~$ sudo system-docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
b4b87a31b6ba        rancher/os-ubuntuconsole:v1.5.5      "/usr/bin/ros entr..."   41 hours ago        Up 17 hours                             console
bfcc01d2835e        rancher/os-qemuguestagent:v2.8.1-2   "/usr/bin/ros entr..."   6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             qemu-guest-agent
d9b598e102f3        rancher/os-docker:19.03.15           "ros user-docker"        6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             docker
48bae6ddb1c7        rancher/os-base:v1.5.8               "/usr/bin/ros entr..."   6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             ntp
1adee4ad51f7        rancher/os-base:v1.5.8               "/usr/bin/ros entr..."   6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             network
7c409580cfec        rancher/os-base:v1.5.8               "/usr/bin/ros entr..."   6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             udev
41b1bdbffa98        rancher/container-crontab:v0.4.0     "container-crontab"      6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             system-cron
a6a77a21ade6        rancher/os-acpid:v1.5.8              "/usr/bin/ros entr..."   6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             acpid
9ea53e66de46        rancher/os-syslog:v1.5.8             "/usr/bin/entrypoi..."   6 days ago          Up 17 hours                             syslog

To restart the network:

sudo system-docker restart network

To get a useful shell:

$ sudo ros console list
$ sudo ros console switch ubuntu