Log Files

For “rsync tasks” and probably cron jobs as well, the logs are saved there:


Interface get stuck/throw random errors

root@freenas:~ # service middlewared restart
Stopping middlewared.
Waiting for PIDS: 79.
root@freenas:~ #


service middlewared stop && service django stop && service nginx restart && service django start && service middlewared start


shift+click in the GUI to perform the equivalent of select all

Cannot remove snapshot

A temporary clone is created for an incremental receive and in some cases, is not removed automatically.

1) Determine clone names:

zdb -U /data/zfs/zpool.cache -d <poolname> | grep %

2) Destroy identified clones:

zfs destroy <clone-with-%-in-the-name>

It will complain that ‘dataset does not exist’, but you can check
again (see 1)

3) Destroy snapshot(s) that could not be destroyed previously